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Link 2 Enterprise, Inc.

A Nonprofit Organization That

Truly Cares


Our Humble Beginnings 

Link 2 Enterprise, Inc. was established in April 2015 to provide workplace training resources for our community. While connected with United Way 211, we were able to help a small number of families by paying their utility bills in addition to workplace training.

However, we didn’t stop there. We soon found out that there was a greater need in our community. That's why we wanted to help individuals learn how to use the computer to search for jobs and create resumes. Aside from that, we also helped out families by providing enrichment classes to teens and adults. Since being established, we haven’t stopped working toward our goal of providing a brighter tomorrow.

We are listed with United Way 211 on their site. We are working to be an asset with the local Co-ops. For more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Meet Toni Teague, Our Founder

Toni started Link 2 Enterprise, Inc. because she saw a need to help people learn or enhance the skills needed to become employed. She started by providing workplace skills, and life skills training. After a while, Toni met up with two women; Maisha Moore, and Jacqueline Williams who were interested in supporting the mission. 

Now, they continually lead our organization to help out more people in need in the surrounding areas of Snellville, in Gwinnett and Walton County, Georgia.

Our Mission

To ​provide resources to individuals who wish to expand or enhance their skillset.

Our organization offers training to help you achieve your goals: educational workshops, leadership development programs, entrepreneur workshops, dress for success workshops, and more. We are also partnering with an organization that is helping to feed children on the weekends.

Our Vision

We would like to partner with local businesses to help with their training needs to initiate personal and social change in the workplace. We would like to facilitate and promote a solution for the enrichment of businesses in several areas.

Link 2's vision is to empower and transform individuals through educational workshops in business, health, wellness, and more. Our goal is to help 100 individuals or families by December 2020, and by the time December 2021 hits, we hope to have helped 300.

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